UASB third phase separating Reactor /UASB Anaerobic reactor , wastewater treatment process
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UASB  third phase separating Reactor /UASB Anaerobic reactor , wastewater treatment process
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Place of Origin: Wuxi
Brand Name: Loren
Certification: CE, ISO ,
Model Number: LSA series
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Packaging Details: Standard export packing
Delivery Time: within 20 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/P
Supply Ability: 50 Sets per month
Material: FRP Super Special Design
Applicant: Biological Treatment Of Anarabic Reactor
Merit: The 3rd Generation Top Function
Water Distribution: Evenly
Shape: Module Design To Facilitate Transporation
Suitable: For Customerized Semi Parts And Assembly
Style: 3 Phase Upflow Separating
Color: Optional Choice From Customer
Response: 8 Hour Response , 24 Hours Solution
Cost: Saving With Module And Large Scale Production
Oem: Available
ODM: Available
On Site: Training Or Local Mateiral Provide Help
Product Description

FRP UASB Modular Standard Reactor

The UASB reactor is a highly efficient and low energy wastewater treatment process. It is mainly composed of three area, namely, Sludge area, sludge suspension area and settlement area. The wastewater is transported by the pump and passes through the reactor from bottom to top. A well-designed evenly-distributed water distribution system is installed at its bottom to prevent short-flow phenomena, so that the organic matter in the wastewater and the sludge bed area are carefully adjusted. The granular sludge has a good physical structure and a reasonable biological composition, and the organic matter in the wastewater is balanced from acidification to methanation, so that the system has a high operating load and is not prone to acidification.

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After the reactor reaction, a large amount of biogas is generated, which drives the sludge to move upward together with the wastewater. A three-phase separation system is installed at the top of the UASB reactor. Through the different movement modes of water, gas and solid three-phase materials under the action of gravity and buoyancy, through careful design and calculation, the accurately installed three-phase separation system separates the water, gas and solid phases. The gas is sent out of the reactor through the collection system, and the solid portion is returned to the reactor by gravity to maintain the concentration of sludge in the reactor. The wastewater is collected by the effluent and then discharged into the aerobic treatment process unit.


Another feature of the UASB reactor is the ability to form granular sludge with superior sedimentation performance and high specific activity in its sludge bed area. Due to the good sedimentation performance of the granular sludge, the amount of anaerobic microorganisms being flushed out of the reactor is greatly reduced, so that the concentration of anaerobic microorganisms in the whole reactor is higher than that of other reactors, and the efficiency of the reactor is improved. On the other hand, due to the formation of granular sludge, the inter-species hydrogen transfer of anaerobic bacteria is greatly enhanced, the activity of the sludge is increased, and the efficiency of the reactor is also improved.


Therefore, the UASB reactor has the advantages of energy saving, small land occupation, high removal efficiency, strong resistance to organic load shock, low sludge production, low processing and operation cost, and energy recovery at the same time.

UASB  third phase separating Reactor /UASB Anaerobic reactor , wastewater treatment process 1

To ensure the treatment effect of UASB, it is necessary to ensure sufficient contact between the anaerobic sludge and the incoming liquid in the UASB system and to ensure the same maximum flow at each point in the pool thus to prevent happening short circuit and other phenomenon.

To achieve the above effects, we adopt the third generation of anaerobic water distributors - a balanced anaerobic water distributor. it is possible to ensure uniform water distribution as much as possible through the careful design of the water distributor so that a stable and ideal laminar flow-rising water flow is formed in the anaerobic tank, ensuring shaping a stable dynamic equilibrium sludge bed, which can be safeguard the anaerobic effect by utilizing less hydraulic retention time.


UASB equipment is a core equipment with a large proportion of investment in wastewater treatment systems. In order to reduce its manufacturing cost, we redesign the UASB with FRP module standard plan through industrialized large-scale manufacturing methods, which has greatly reduced the price of UASB equipment modules.

At the same time, flexible semi-custom manufacturing ensures the use of UASB equipment under various specific process parameters.

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Technical Parameter



  LSA-2.5-9 LSA-2.5-12 LSA-3.0-9 LSA-3.0-12 LSA-3.5-9 LSA-3.5-12
Tank Size m Φ2.5×9.0 Φ2.5×12.0 Φ3.0×9.0 Φ3.0×12.0 Φ3.5×9.0 Φ3.5×12.0
Structure FRP
Thickness mm 16 18 20   20 22
Effective Area m2 4.9 4.9 7.0 7.0 9.6 9.6
Effective Volume m3 41 56 59 80 81 110
Three-phase Separator FRP with SUS304
Anaerobic Water Dispenser SUS304
Maximum Water Intake m3/d 82 82 110 110 160 160
COD Load kg /d 20 28 30 40 40 55
Maximum Biogas Production m3/d 7 10 10 12 12 19
Anaerobic Return Flow m3/h 1.5 1.5 2.5 2.5 3.0 3.0
Other Configuration Top Cover (Full Open Type); Lower Φ500mm Manhole; Biogas Collection System; Steam Separator; Steel Vertical Ladder.
Reserved Port Influent, effluent, returning water, draining, biogas


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