Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer
1 set
USDS 58000
Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Loren
Certification: ISO 9001:2008
Model Number: LI-EODW-20
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: as per demand
Delivery Time: Within 50 days
Payment Terms: T/T or LC
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month
New developed: For cyanobacteria mud dehydration
Energy consumption: Half of normal De-watering machines
Capacity for this unit: 20 m3 per day
The moisture content of the sludge: can be lowered from 20% to 30%
Belt width of this machine: 2400mm
The concentrated cyanobacteria can produce: the algae elements which has high value .
Product Description

Electro-osmotic sludge dewatering machine 


Running Principle: 

Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer 0

Electro osmotic dewatering and drying technology is a newly developed sludge dewatering technology, it combines solid-liquid separation technology and Physical electrochemical processing technology together to carry out dewatering by electricity with multi unique feature such as making active sludge moisture content drops below 60% which the other mechanical dehydration is  difficult to achieve , compared to other dewatering technology, and it is specially applied in outstanding biological sludge dewatering efficiency.

Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer 1

To make the sludge particles and water molecules separates and moves by imputing enough DC voltage toward the sludge, Which can realize dewatering without providing High voltage 


Craft Flow Diagram;

Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer 2

 Technical Characteristics :

1. High dewatering efficiency, system operating flexibility: realize large sludge area by adjusting the current strength and can separate bonder water easily  and the sludge dryness can increased 30%-50%(Biochemical or high organic matter sludge )

2. Characteristics of dewatered cake – multi methods of the subsequent resource disposal: with little water content cake , it is beneficial for later incineration, composting and fill , if it is active sludge , it have high temp bacterial killing effect

3. Lower running cost: During operating process , Each 1 ton sludge dewatering (from 80% reduced to 55%)will only  consumes  70-8 0KW/H , No heat generated by the electrolysis of electricity consumption is less than 1%, rinse water is less than 1t / h, compressed gas 0.2m3 / h, significantly saving energy

4. Independent Modular:can run with site existing dehydrating machine to further reduce cake water rate without bearing limit from heat media and other auxiliary material. it can directly

5. Safety and environmental Protection:

There is several insulated layers and deodorant protection around electricity parts,the total sludge dewatering process  can realize within 5-8 minutes  with small odor and little water in filter slag, after dewatering , the filtrate can directly return to sewage treatment system without secondary pollution.

6.Simple Craft

Easy operation and maintenance, high level auto control system, no need rebuild factory, and chemical or auto dosing system

7.Little Investment

Due to its simple craft with little auxiliary facility, only one main engine collecting into electricity can finish total dewatering process , total investment will be USDS 15000-25000/ metric ton



Electro-osmosis sludge drying system constitutes

1. Electrode: Electrode and shape

2.Cloth:Cloth should choose cake stripping, insulation, heat resistance of the filter cloth

3. Electric charge generating device penetration

4.Mechanical pressure and residue thickness

The idea residue thickness is between 5mm and 15mm, and the matching pressure is(0.1—0.3kg/cm2)as best economical solution .

Electro-osmotic sludge dehydration dryer 3


Applicant field and dewatering efficiency table

Sewage and municipal sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80% __  55%

Electroplating sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80%  __  60%

Algae, cyanobacteria sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80%  __   58%

Pharmaceutical sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80%  __    55%

Chemical sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80%   __  50%

Petrochemical oily sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80%  __  55%

Leather sludge

Dewatering efficiency 80% __   50%

Sewer and river sludge

Dewatering efficiency 70% __   40%


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