upright shaft style mixer
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upright shaft  style mixer
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Loren
Certification: ISO
Model Number: LJB 9 , LJB10 , LJB 11 ... series
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box , poly bubble , naked as per demand
Delivery Time: Within 15 working days
Payment Terms: 30% T/T deposit , Balance before delivery
Supply Ability: 80 sets per month
Material: SS304/316, Duplex Steel, Coated Carbon Steel As Per Water Quality
Design: Diverfified
Applicant: Waste Water Industry And Other Agent
Performance: Excellent With Long Life
Processing: Precise CNC Machine Outcome
Reducer: Optional With Diversified Requirement
Export: To Many Countries
Product Description


LJB Vertical mixing machine widely used in environmental protection water treatment industry and other agents, sewage, dosing, neutralization reaction, dissolved mixing occasions (PAC, PAM mixing tank)


This series of mixer with planetary reducer transmission principle, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, reliable performance, long service life

Reducer motor insulation protection grade: IP54-55/F


Stirring shaft Connection:by rigid sleeve or cast iron coupling

upright shaft  style mixer 0


Stirred impeller Material:Carbon steel linings, carbon steel lined, , Tetrafluoroethylene, 304 or 316L stainless steel, 2507 or 2205 duplex stainless steel, titanium (TA2)material

Impeller styles:Flat blade, propeller , oblique paddle, trefoil propeller etc

LJB model vertical mixer parameter data
Model Power (kw) Speed (rpm) (H) Shaft(L) Shaft DN Impeller (DN) D D1 D2 N- Base plates
LJB09 0.37 0.55 0.75 40~136 ~280 <1200 16 200 300 160 134 110 4-¢10 Optional
LJB10 0.75 1.1 1.5 40~136 ~420 <1600 32 300 500 190 160 140 4-¢12 200×200×10
LJB11 1.1 1.5 2.2 40~136 ~520 <1800 38 500 750 230 200 170 6-¢12 250×250×12


The Notice for the mixer operation

1. Be sure to check all parts like mixing parts, cables complete as per instrument instruction manual.

2. Speed control should be gradually transferred from low to high ,better not start it with high-speed gear so that the string will not synchronized thus to cause beating;

3. No Heating when no stirring, and cut off the power if no working .

4. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially make sure no solution in the mixing machine.

5. Check if the breaker is stable and in proper position If stir jitter or no working.

6. The medium speed operation can extend the service life of the stirrer;

7. It is better to connect to the ground cable during operation. It is applied in such experimental area as biology, physical and chemical industry, cosmetics, health products, food, reagents etc with novel design , advanced manufacturing technology, huge torque output under low-speed operation, good continuous running performance.

The adopted large power, compact micro-motor is safe and reliable on operation under CNC touch stepless speed governor by easy speed adjusting and digital display running speed state as well as correctly-collected data.


Mixer model selection step analysis

The design of the mixing device is closely integrated with the purpose of mixing. A variety of different mixing process needs to be carried out by different mixing device to achieve, in the design of the first selection of the process according to the purpose of the mixing operation and requirements to determine the mixer type, motor power, stirring speed, and then select the reducer, Frame, stirring shaft, shaft seal and other components. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Follow as technical conditions, mixing purpose and requirements to choose mixer type by fully grasping its dynamic characteristics and the relationship between its mixing flow status and the agitating aim.

2.Define the motor power and mixing speed and mixer diameter by lab and computer simulation design as per the requirement of mixing time , setter speed and dispersion degree based on selected model and its running flow status and craft.

 3. Confirm the reducer model as per motor power , speed and craft condition from the reducer model selection table

If choose it as per its actual working torque, the actual working torque should be less than that of

According to the reducer output shaft d and the stirring shaft support way to select the same model with matching rack and coupling.

Select the shaft seal type as per its shaft head size , allowable mounting room and working pressure.

Design and Select the agitating shaft and test its toughness and stiffness as per mounting way and structure demand:

Follow rigid shaft design with the strength conditions n / nk ≤ 0.7 or

Follow flexible shaft design with the strength conditions n / nk> = 1.3

7. Select the mounting bottom cover, flange base or flange as per the nominated rack DN, the restraint type and pressure level of the stirring shaft

8. Determine if auxiliary support is configured according to the support and vibration resistance conditions.

In the above selection process, the combination and configuration of mixing device can refer to our mixing device design selection process diagram, The key components among all parts is shaft head size, those parts with same shaft head size can be inter changeable and combination in principle

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