fine 2500 belt press filter
fine 2500 belt press filter
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Loren
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: LI-2500
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Product Description

Belt concentrated pressure filter


Belt concentrated filter press is a kind of efficient continuous running solid-liquid separation equipment by integrating sludge thickening and de-watering together.

1. Applicant

It is widely applied in such fields as chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, food, paper, urban water supply and drainage industry with simple and applicable craft, investment-saving , short sludge retaining time , high efficiency of dephosphorization and dehydration

2. Model Instruction

fine 2500 belt press filter 0fine 2500 belt press filter 1fine 2500 belt press filter 2BTF

fine 2500 belt press filter 3fine 2500 belt press filter 4 Effective filter cloth width(mm)

Belt concentrated pressure filter


3. Feature

1. Elongated gravitational zone

2. Effective belt width increases by 150 mm

3. More press rolls consist of a reasonable roll system

4. Strengthen initial pressure roller press force distribution design


4. Structure and Working Process

It is mainly composed of both belt-type concentrated and filter dehydration sections . Each section consists of drive mechanism, sludge distribution mechanism, filter belt correction mechanism, tension, guide and discharge mechanism as well as frame likewise. Besides,the filter section includes various press rolls.

The fully mixed and flocculated sludge will be evenly distributed over the inclined section after flowing into the feed distribution box of the concentrated section,this section mainly purpose is to remove the free water from the material and reduce the material flow for the next step preparation. The sludge will quickly wipe out large free water as the movement of the filter cloth under the multiple mud rake guidance of and gravity. The concentrated sludge after gravity dehydration is further dewatered by the reversing mechanism, which is conveyed to the gravity dewatering zone of the pressure filter section. And then into the S-squeeze section, in which the sludge was sandwiched between the upper and lower filter belts to carry on further dehydration after several s-shaped arrangement of the press roll on the filter cake.

When the belt passes through the discharge mechanism, the cake is scraped from the filter belt by the scraper. Throughout the concentrated press filter stage, the filter belt is constantly being automatically cleaned.

Equipment outline drawing, technical parameters and civil conditions see below charts

Equipment outline drawing

Item /Model BTF1000 BTF1500 BTF2000 BTF2500
Inlet Height H1(mm) 2166 2218
Outlet Height H2(mm) 1250
Long L(mm) 6655 6870
Width B(mm) 1950 2450 2950 3450
Height H(mm) 2400 2480
Sludge inlet(DN) 125 125 200 200







Technical parameters Table

Item /Model BTF1000 BTF1500 BTF2000 BTF2500
Belt Width (mm) 1150 1650 2150 2650
Belt Speed (m/min) Concentrated Section:3.5~17.5m/min, Press Section:1~5m/min
Main Motor Power(kw) 1.1+0.55 1.5+0.75 2.2+0.75 3+1.1
Clean water pressure(Mpa) <0.5
Clean water Volume(m /h3) 10~ 12 18~ 20 22~ 25 35~ 40
Run Weight (kg) 5100 6600 8540 10000
Water inlet moisture(%) 98~99.5
Sludge outlet water moisture (%) 75~85
Capacity (m /h3) 15~40 20~60 25~80 40~100



5. Craft Flow Diagram

fine 2500 belt press filter 5


Civil Condition Table

Item /Model BTF1000 BTF1500 BTF2000 BTF2500
L1(mm) 630 730
L2(mm) 1390 1400
Concentrated base width B1(mm) 1450 1950 2450 2950
Pressed base width B2(mm) 1650 2150 2650 3150
Total Width B(mm) 2650 3150 3650 4150


Sample parameters and pictures are for reference only, we will change it continuously to subject to both final confirmation

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