static sieve screen wastewater treatment machine for industrial sewage treatment
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static sieve screen wastewater treatment machine for industrial sewage treatment
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: loren
Certification: ce ISO
Model Number: LSS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: within 10 days
Material: SS 304
Usage: Liquid Filter
2 Years: 2 Years
Mesh Size: 0.5mm ,1mm ,1.5mm,2mm ,5mm
Advantage: No Drive Power
Product Description

LSS Type Static Sieve

The working principle and structure

The main part of the Static Sieve is a S.S. curved or flat screen area made of wedge steel bar. The waste water to be treated is evenly distributed to the inclined screen surface through the overflow weir. Due to the small gap between the screen surface and the back gap, The water is smooth, not easy to block; solid material is retained, filtered water from the sieve gap in the outflow, while under the action of water, the solid material is pushed to the bottom of the sieve discharge, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation purposes.


Static sieve can effectively reduce the concentration of suspended solids in water and the running load on the subsequent process. It can be also used in solid-liquid separation and recovery of useful substances, of the industrial production. It is an excellent free powered filtration or recovery device of suspended solids, floating debris, sediment and other solid or colloidal substances.

static sieve screen wastewater treatment machine for industrial sewage treatment 0

Also called curve screen,inclined screen,hydraulic screen etc;

Scope of application:

Suitable for a variety of different types, different sizes of wastewater treatment project. Remove floating, suspended solids, center of gravity, etc., as a primary treatment, the alternative to the pond, reduce post-processing work, strengthen the unblocked biological treatment process, save operating cost. Also used in a variety of solid-liquid mixture concentration;
Typical applicable industry:
1. Paper making waste water ----- recycle fiber,remove solids;
2.Tannery waste water------- remove fur and feather,oil grease etc solids ;
3.Slaughtering waste water------remove fur,oil grease,feces etc solids;
4.Municipal domestic sewage-----remove fur,sundries etc solids;
5. Alcohol, starch factory wastewater, removal plant fiber shell's, groceries and other solid objects etc;
6. Pharmaceutical factory, sugar refinery wastewater, remove all kinds of waste residue, such as plant shell's etc solids;
7. malt beer factory wastewater, removal of malt, bean curd and other solids;
8. Livestock fish farms - removing clutter of livestock MAO, excrement and solid content etc solids;
9. Fish and meat processing plant - gut, scales, ground meat, fat and other solid. Other such as the characteristic, textile, chemical, plastic processing plants, large factory, hotel, residential sewage etc pretreatment;
static sieve screen wastewater treatment machine for industrial sewage treatment 1


Main technical data

Model Nominal flow rate ( m3/h)
Filtering gap (mm)
0.25 0.5 1.0 1.5
LSS60 9 22 40 60
LSS90 12 35 60 80
LSS120 18 45 80 100
LSS150 22 55 95 130
LSS200 28 72 125 160



Model A B B1 C D D1 E F G Inlet Outlet Drain
LSS60 1350 600 700 1800 1100 670 900 300 550 DN100 DN150 DN65
LSS90 1350 900 1000 1800 1100 970 900 300 550 DN150 DN200 DN65
LSS120 1550 1200 1300 2100 1300 1270 900 350 550 DN200 DN250 DN65
LSS150 1550 1500 1600 2100 1300 1570 900 350 550 DN250 DN300 DN65
LSS200 1550 2000 2100 2100 1300 2070 900 350 550 DN250 DN350 DN65


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