Continous heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer
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Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Loren
Certification: CE, ISO ,CCC,
Model Number: LDC series
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export packing
Delivery Time: within 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Dryer Sludge Moisture: Below 10% To Control Micro Creature Activity
Water Condensate: At 5 Degree Cecus Under Our 12 Year Research
More Safty: Total Enclosed Drying Condition
Footprint: Small Up To 5.5 M2 Per Ton Water Evaporation
Lower Investment: 3kwh Consumption For Needed 3L Water Evaporation
Stalbe: Operation
Free Maintenance: For 2 Years
Control: Fully Auto Control With No Operator
Energy Consumption: 1/3 Of Traditional Dryer
Structure: Steel Or RCC Or FRP
Product Description

low temperature Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine

Specification /Model LDC-1500 LDC-2000 LDC-3000 LDC-4000 LDC-5000 LDC-6000 LDC-8000 LDC-10000 LDC-12000 LDC-16000 LDC-20000
Daily Sludge Disposal (kg) 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000 16000 20000
Daily Water disposal ( L) 1,000 1,333 2,000 2,667 3,333 4,000 5,333 6,667 8,000 10,667 13,333
Water disposal per hour ( L) 42 56 83 111 139 167 222 278 333 444 556
Dryer Dimension: L*W*H (m) 5.0*3.6*3.4 5.5*3.8*3.4 6.5*3.8*3.4 7.0*4.0*3.4 8.5*4.0*3.4 8.5*4.2*3.4 10.5*4.2*3.4 13.0*4.2*3.4 15.0*4.2*3.4 20.0*4.2*3.4 20.0*4.5*3.4
Total Power ( kw ) 17 23 34 45 56 67 89 112 134 178 223
Power Consumption (KW) 220/380/440/460 3ph , 50/60hz
Control System Man-machine interface + PLC
Inlet Material Moisture 70%-85%
Outlet Material Moisture 10%-50%
Wet Sludge Shaping Condition Extruced to be strip shape
Cooling Way By air


It can dry those sludge with 80% moisture through Plate frame press filter , Belt press filter and centrifugal decanter 

into sludge with moisture 10% ,  it can thickened the sludge volume into 3/4 of the original one without needing extra

auxilary energy by only consuming the heat source under the total closed drying condition and its full auto control system 

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 0

we are the first global auto design , research and make  this kind of batch sludge dyrer manufacturer and leader due to our decade effort and concern on it .

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 1


♦ Sludge Process ♦

70~85% water content sludge is fed from the top of the indirect heating dryer.There are several layers of dryer.The function of scraping arms of each layer is moving sludge to next layer until dryer discharge port at lowest layer.There could ba a storage bag for temporary storage at discharge port or it is delivered to treated sludge storage tank.During sludge moving procedure,sludge is stirring by scraping arms.It is dramatically increased slidge drying efficiency by combined heat,mass transfer and stirring physical reactions.

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 2


♦ Air Circulation Process ♦

Dry air is fed into the bottom of the dryer.It goes from the bottom layer to the discharge vent of upper layer of the dryer.When dry air passes through the sludge surface of each layer,the moisture inside sludge is quickly vaporized into air as humidity of air increased.The near saturated air from the discharge vent of dryer is boosted pressure by fan.The dehumidification function is occurred in condenser.The air will be dried again after leaving condenser.Due to reduce the dew point temperature,vapor molecules move together to form condensation droplets collected in condensate tank.Dry air could directly go to dryer or pass air heater before go to dryer due to different sludge characteristics.The air has been continuous circulating in the system.Since there is no exhaust released to environment during  process.It is not necessary to do oder or exhuast treatment.

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 3

♦ Water Circulation Process ♦

lced water is pumped into condenser and taken out the heat of the air.It becomes the cold water after leaving condenser.The cold water is pumped through heat pump which adsorbed heat and make cold water to be iced water again.The iced water is circulating back to condenser.Hot water is pumped into the air heater and release heat to air before it is fed into dryer.After leaving air heater,hot water becomes warm water.The warm water is pumped through heat pump which release heat and make warm water to be hot water again.The hot water is circulating back to air heater.

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 4

Characteristic of our  Low Temperature Batch Dryer

1. improve its dry sludge into 90% to withdraw the growth of the micro creature ( sludge heat value equal 3000Kcal /kg under 10% moisture ) 

2. The Water Steam will be consendated at 5 degree cecus .

3. Strenghten the drying system safety :

   Dust concentration <60 g/m3;  Grain Temp.<110  degree cecus;  oxegen Content <12%;  total drying system with no dust under air speed <2     

   m/s;  the drying temp. control between 55 and 95 degree cecus; 

4. With odorless smelling 

5. small footprint 

6. very easy and convenience on its operation and maintenance 

7.Lower investment and Lower Maintenence charge 


Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 5

Continous  heat pump sludge drying machine/ sludge paddle dryer 6

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